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Reset, Rewire, Reconnect.
A transformative retreat experience .

Let's create your unique, personal experience using  combination of local Plant medicines, Neuro Shamanic Coaching, forest bathing in magical Blue Mountains of Ontario, Sound Healing, Expressive Arts, and Shamanism.

Introducing "Reset, Rewire, Reconnect," a transformative retreat experience tailored to your personal and professional growth needs.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, а creative seeking genuine transformation, a couple looking for meaningful connection or even business partners looking for new solutions, this exclusive retreat is perfect for open-minded and curious individuals like you.


During our immersive journey, we'll tap into nature's wisdom and reconnect you with your true values, fostering profound personal and professional growth. The retreat encompasses various transformative techniques, including shamanic plant work, expressive arts, sound healing, forest bathing and guided visualization.

What sets "Reset, Rewire, Reconnect" apart is my extensive experience and unique skill set. With over 15 years of expertise in healing practices like shamanism, art, and psychotherapy, I bring a profound understanding of plant-based entheogens, enhancing the retreat's transformative techniques personalized to your needs.

My qualifications include traditional ayahuasquera training with Mestizo curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon and an educational background in Media Arts and Practical Psychology. I am currently pursuing postgraduate studies as an expressive arts therapist in order to become a registered psychotherapist in Ontario.


Throughout my career, I have successfully guided over a thousand individuals on their transformative journeys. Your personal and professional growth is my utmost priority, and I am dedicated to guiding you towards genuine transformation and new solutions.

Join me for "Reset, Rewire, Reconnect," and let's embark on a life-changing experience together.

  • 15-Minute Discovery Call via Zoom: We'll meet to discuss your expectations, goals, and previous experience. After providing an overview of the session and answering any questions you have, we'll determine if we're a good fit.


  • 60-Minute Intake & Preparation Session (Neuro Shamanic Blueprint): Using my methodology, we'll thoroughly analyze your current situation, formulate an intention for your session, and cover practical preparations. 

  • 7-Hour Individual Session: The session will begin in your lodging space where you will have checked in the night before. We'll use various techniques, including shamanic work, expressive arts, sound healing and guided visualization. You'll actively participate, except during the deep meditative part. We'll also have an outdoor session hiking through the neighbouring scenic caves, waterfalls, forests and cliffs.The session concludes in your lodging. You'll stay overnight at the property to decompress and wind down.

    Please note that this retreat includes two nights stay in Beaver Valley, ON. 


  • 60-Minute Integration Session (Neuro Shamanic Blueprint): A day or two after the session, we'll meet to discuss your experience and translate it into tangible and actionable learning.

​*For 2 persons retreat I offer 30min individual preparation sessions and 60min group integration session.
  For groups of 3 and 4 persons the coaching will be offered in a group setting.


The retreat is offered at several properties depending on the group size and in a variety of stunning natural spots, chosen for the group.

You will be able to select your overnight lodging from recommended options and choose your stay depending on your budget, needs and availability. The minimum required stay for this retreat is 2 nights, but you are welcome to book a longer stay to turn this experience into a mini vacation.

All properties are located in Beaver Valley, ON, an extremely picturesque area of Niagara Escarpment. Located approx. 1.5hr drive north from Toronto and 20- 30 minutes from Collingwood and Blue Mountain.


While the exact location for the outdoor part of the session will be chosen based on your intentions, that whole area of the escarpment, full of cliffs, caves and waterfalls has traditionally been a sacred place for indigenous Huron people, who used to populate the area.


I have a personal relationships with these places of power that have gifted me songs, medicine and healing over the years and I am looking forward to introducing you to, perhaps new for you, sacred relationship with the land.

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Individual Package Price $800

Introductory 2023 rate - $650 (+lodging)

The Value Included:

Preparation Session (60min) 

Integration Session (60min) 

Personal Retreat Session (7hr) 


Cost of 2 nights of accommodation ($525-900$). Booked separately with affiliated lodgings

Please note:

While the service is offered in a beta testing mode and at introductory price , the conditions and prices are a subject to change. 


2 Persons Group- $900 ( + lodging)

Introductory Offer - $750

3-4 Persons Group - price to be determined based on the group's requirements.

Discount for current coaching clients, Pricing Plans and Payment Accommodations are available.

For local clients located in Blue Mountain area, this service might be available without extra lodging requierement.

All bookings are made upon request during a personal interview. To discuss, please schedule a Zoom call with me.

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