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What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts Therapy, a deliberate fusion of art, music, dance/movement, dramatic enactment, creative writing, and imaginative play, emerges as a dynamic, action-oriented form of therapy deeply rooted in sensory experiences.

Central to this approach is the understanding that while individuals possess varying levels of creative capacity, everyone harbors the ability to express themselves in diverse ways. It underscores the richness of expressive avenues available to us.

At its essence, Expressive Arts Therapy serves as a conduit for individuals to unearth self-regulating modes of expression, embark on profound journeys of self-discovery, articulate complex emotions and experiences in healing ways, and ultimately foster transformative recoveries by reshaping narratives and envisioning new possibilities.

As an expressive arts therapist in training, on track for registration as a licensed psychotherapist in 2026, I provide a range of therapy options, both online and in-person.

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In-Person Therapy

I offer in-person work in Blue Mountains region of Ontario


Online Therapy

There are many possibilities to work with me remotely.

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