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Plant Medicine

I began my apprenticeship on the medicine path in the year 2008, when I was "accidentally" introduced to ayahuasca by Benjamin Crystal.

After a brief detour to Brazil, where I worked with Huni Kuin paje (shaman/leader) Fabiano Txana Bane, I went to meet Benjamin's teachers Enrique Paredes and Reyna Luz Edery Flores in their home Santuario Huistin on a boiling river Timpishka, in Honoria district outside of  the city Pucallpa, Peruvian Amazon.

What originally was meant as a 6 months visit turned into 8 years of permanent life in Peru and becoming an apprentice in mestizo vegetalismo tradition of Peru.

I spent my time between the Andes, where I worked with San Pedro cactus Huachuma, and the Amazon, where I continuously studied plants in a dieta ( a process where one retreats into an isolation in a jungle hut while fasting and consuming medicinal plants), learned cooking the medicine and holding a ceremony.

In 2013, together with Sarah Mason and Juan Zuniga, I co-founded Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural preservation - an organization dedicated to healing and support of Amazonian ecosystem and people inhabiting it. I invited Reyna to be our main healer and my collaborator in ceremony.

While in operation, from 2013 till 2017, Canto Luz offered ayahuasca retreats and channeled funds into local conservation projects. During that time, as a Director, I facilitated the flow of the retreats and assisted Reyna in ceremony.

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Currently, I continue my work with plant medicines by holding private ayahuasca and huachuma retreats and leading small exclusive groups into the forests and mountains of Peru and offering Shamanic Plant Dietas in Ontario.

In my ongoing dedication to medicine work, I make sure to always work with local people on above fare terms and always give back a percentage of my earnings either to specific indigenous communities that I have personal contacts with or supporting such organizations as ICEERS (especially in their campaign "Legalize plant teachers") or Amazon Watch (dedicated to working with indigenous communities of the Amazon).

All work is done on personal basis, by referral and through personal interview.

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