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I began my journey on the path of traditional healing in the year 2008 when I was unexpectedly introduced to indigenous plant medicine path  by Benjamin Crystal.

After a brief journey to Brazil, where I collaborated with Huni Kuin paje (shaman/leader) Fabiano Txana Bane, I proceeded to meet Benjamin's mentors, Enrrique Paredes and Reyna Luz Edery Flores, at their home Santuario Huistin, located by the boiling river Timpishka, in the Honoria district outside of Pucallpa, in the Peruvian Amazon.

What was initially planned as a six-month visit evolved into an eight-year residency in Peru, during which I became an apprentice in the mestizo vegetalismo tradition of the region.

My time was divided between the Andes and the Amazon, where I immersed myself in studying plants through a dieta (a retreat into isolation in a jungle hut while fasting and consuming medicinal plants), mastering the preparation of these traditional remedies, and leading ceremonies.

In 2013, Sarah Mason, Juan Zuniga, and I co-founded the Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural Preservation, an organization committed to the healing and support of the Amazonian ecosystem and its inhabitants. I invited Reyna to be our principal healer and my partner in ceremony.

While active, from 2013 to 2017, Canto Luz provided retreats focused on traditional plant medicine and directed funds toward local conservation efforts. As Director, I oversaw the retreats and supported Reyna in ceremonies.

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Currently, I continue my engagement with traditional plant medicine by organizing private retreats and guiding small, exclusive groups into the forests and mountains of Peru, as well as offering Shamanic Plant Dietas in Ontario.

I am dedicated to working ethically with local communities, ensuring fair terms and contributing a portion of my earnings to specific indigenous communities or supporting organizations like ICEERS (in their "Legalize plant teachers" campaign) and Amazon Watch, which collaborates closely with indigenous communities in the Amazon.

All my work is conducted personally, by referral, and through individual interviews.

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