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From Hindu mantras to Siberian shaman’s drum to Amazonian ayahuasca icaros - sound has been used for millennia by different cultures to change the energy and to alter physical state, to bring healing and transformation.

Recent scientific studies now also confirm that through the phenomena of entrainment our brainwaves adjust to the wavelength of the sound, allowing us to use specific frequencies to facilitate different physical and emotional states.

Every organ of our body, every energetic centre has its own frequency, its own sound. 

I have studied and practiced different healing traditions that utilize sound as one of their tools and offer both private work and group events.

You can join frequent group sound bath events in Toronto, explore Garnet Mode ( Live Acoustic/Electronic Sound Healing Experience), book a private event, and get my album "Unity Songs" in Itunes and Spotify.

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Project Mariri

Project Mariri  is a collaboration between Mariya Garnet and Masha Andreeva based on their longstanding dedication to using music as medicine.

Their experience with traditional healing modalities of South and North America and Eurasia informs their shared values that nature is sacred and that we are all interconnected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

Masha and Mariya are integrating years of traditional apprenticeship with formal western education in psychology and psychotherapy to create safe space filled with healing sound for groups and individuals to journey through soundscapes.

"Mariri" means Force of Nature/Forest for Indigenous people of the Amazon, we feel that the name strongly correlates to our belief that nature is sacred and we are part of it.  "Mariri" is also a tribute to our plant medicine work.

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    660 Caledonia rd, Unit 105
    Jessica Gorlicky Design

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    December 1st

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