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Shamanic Journey to Peruvian Amazon

A week long visit to Enrrique Paredes Melendes home Santuario Huistin, on the famous boiling river Timpishka

Discover an unparalleled journey! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of a true maestro Enrrique at his hidden, family-owned healing sanctuary nestled deep within the mystical forest, covered by the mysterious steam coming off the boiling river. Embark on a transformative journey guided by two more seasoned ayahuasqueras, ensuring an unforgettable visit.

Shamanic Journey to Peruvian Amazon 2024
Mariya Garnet

Meet The Team

Mariya Garnet
Artist, Coach, Facilitator
Expressive Art Therap
y Student

Mariya Garnet's journey is a testament to her profound work with the subconscious mind and her transformative experiences with ayahuasca. Her multicultural upbringing in Soviet Russia and linguistic talents in five languages laid the foundation for her remarkable path.

It was during her travels to sacred places like Lake Baikal in Siberia and her encounters on Olkhon Island, the heart of Siberian Shamanism, that Mariya's connection to the spirit world ignited. Subsequently, her exploration led her to India, where she delved into the world of ayahuasca ceremonies.

This pivotal encounter sparked a life-altering transformation, propelling her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to work closely with the Huni Kuin people in ceremony. The Amazon rainforest near Pucallpa, Peru, became her next destination.

In Peru, Mariya embarked on a profound apprenticeship with mestizo curanderos Enrique Paredes and Reyna Edery. Her journey involved rigorous plant dietas, often spent in solitude in a rainforest hut. These experiences honed her skills as an ayahuasquera.

In 2013, Mariya co-founded the Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural Preservation, a haven dedicated to environmentalism and the preservation of ancient healing traditions.

Upon her return to Canada in 2017, she transitioned her focus to Sound Healing, leading regular group events as part of Project Mariri and recording the "Unity Songs" album.

In 2020, she introduced the Neuro Shamanic Blueprint, blending her shamanic expertise with integral neuroprogramming. Currently pursuing a postgraduate expressive arts therapy program, Mariya aspires to become a registered psychotherapist. Amidst her diverse professional endeavors, she finds solace in her garden, cherishes her role as a mother, and remains a vital part of her community.

Mariya's commitment as an ayahuasquera continues, as she guides private and exclusive healing retreats in the Amazon and the Andes of Peru.

Enrrique Santiago
Paredes Melendes

Maestro Vegetalista, Curandero

Enrrique hails from Santa Rosa village in the Honoria district, located outside of Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon.

He comes from a lineage of powerful curanderos (shamans) and began his own shamanic apprenticeship at the age of 12.

This apprenticeship involved strict plant dietas in isolation within the forest.

In 2005, alongside his first wife, Reyna Edery (also Mariya's teacher and later collaborator), Enrrique co-founded Santuario Huishtin. This healing center is devoted to using the plants of the Amazon rainforest to promote holistic healing of the body and mind.

Enrrique is a true vegetalista, possessing extensive knowledge of thousands of rainforest plants. He is renowned for his expertise in plant dietas and his composed, confident leadership during ayahuasca ceremonies. If you seek a remedy for any ailment, Enrrique is adept at finding a suitable rainforest plant.

As the leader of Santuario Huishtin, one of the few Peruvian-owned and operated centers, Enrrique provides care to both international visitors and local Peruvians, treating a wide range of health issues. His presence exudes respect and safety, making women feel secure and men feel valued.

Enrrique is a dedicated protector of the forest in his domain and pays homage to Madre Naturaleza (Mother Nature). Santuario Huishtin, meaning the Morning Star (Venus), is a tranquil center with a focus on connecting with nature, relaxation, and healing.

Accommodations include two-bedroom huts with showers and river-pumped running water from the Timpishka River.


Santuario Huishtin was Mariya Garnet's first place of learning about the Amazonian Shamanism and her connection to Enrrique goes back to 2009.

In addition to his healing work, Enrrique is a father to two daughters and one son, and his extended family plays a vital role in the daily operations of Santuario Huishtin.

Masha Andreeva
 HonBA, DTATI(cand.), RP(qualifying)
Art Therapy Student

Masha Andreeva, a devoted student of nature, holds deep reverence for plant teachers and plant medicines.

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