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What are your unconsciously running programs?

Are you familiar with the situation where you do something….and then right away do the opposite? As if having two conflicting personalities inside of you.

You decide that you want to save up money for a big purchase and next thing you know you are clicking sales ads.

Or have you ever felt that you have lost a part of yourself somewhere? Lost joy, ease of being….Or even given away a part of yourself? Your heart? Your voice? Even your freedom?

Are there are any parts of you that you deny? Not allowing yourself to be silly, or gentle, or assertive?

Each one of us, has many different parts of "Self" inside. The same person can be a gentle parent at home and an inert employee at work, afraid of big money.

These sub-identities, or roles, or independent parts of consciousness (IPC), also exhibit automatic ( or pre-programmed) behaviours:Just think of something that you do without thinking (riding a bike) - that is the easiest way to understand what an IPC is.

Working through Independent Parts of Consciousness is one of the first steps I go through during Neuro Shamanic Blueprint coaching. The exact approach and techniques get selected individually for everyone, but the process of becoming whole and feeling the support of your Inner I team ( as I call it) is the necessary growth step.

At first, it might feel silly working or thinking in this way, but the more you get accustomed to calling to your subconscious, the easier you will get in touch with it. The closer you are in contact with your spirit, intuition, your heart or your subconsciousness, the easier it is to receive support and collaboration, instead of feeling a hostage of your inner programming.

This is a unique and unconventional way of thinking, but new thinking is exactly what we need in order to bring on changes. Remember – the problem can not be solved from the same level con consciousness that created it ( Einstein).

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