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Ready to Heal

Get out of your own way! Working through inner resistance to change as a way to ensure deep, sincere and effective healing work.

What is the difference between wanting to change and being ready to change?

Often, when people go into a ceremony or to a healer, they really desire the final goal of their transformation. The change that is required in order to achieve that goal is not often a part of their request.

Maybe you mentally decided on a goal, but subconsciously you do not believe that you can achieve it or that you are worth it. You might be attached, or rather codependent, to the secondary gains you receive by remaining in an old pattern. For example, wanting to start a successful family but being afraid to lose the ability to make spontaneous travel plans if you become a parent...resulting in no family (or an unhappy one). Or deep inside you don't see the sense or the existential meaning for this transformation to occur. All of the above conditions lead to inner sabotage, emotional upheaval and ultimately unreached goals or unsolved "problem".

Resistance is a natural part of any change, transformation or healing. It is a response of a system with the goal of securing its own balance and stability. Your belief system, your images of Self, your habits and emotional patterns are all established systems that will be fighting for the status quo. So when we start "rocking the boat" by going into therapy, ceremony or working in any other transformational modality we meet resistance. Resistance can show up in different ways: feelings of hopelessness, resurrection of old habits and patterns, even a feeling of depression.

So when we talk about being Ready to, we talk about our own willingness to overcome this inner resistance, to communicate with our own subconsciousness and get it on our side. To find the balance not in adaptation to our current situation, but in continuous growth.

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” A. Maslow In my personal practice, I address Resistance and create the state of Readiness usually during the second session with a client. To make sure that our further work goes smoothly. For some time, I have been looking for techniques that could be applied in a group setting online, so I can offer this course to a wider audience at a more affordable rate without sacrificing the quality of the work itself.

And I found the way!

I am very excited to introduce the very first Live Online class, Ready to Heal, as part of the deeper preparation for the healing event. Right now, I plan to offer this class live a week before each of my scheduled events. However, in the future, it most likely will be offered as a recording only.

In this 2 hour class you will finalize your Well Formulated intention and remove inner resistance to change. This class is a great preparation tool for any upcoming healing sessions ( of any modality) or on its own.

The first part, or the preparation for the class, will consist of your individual work crafting a well-formulated intention using several self-work tools that I will provide.

During the group class we will work on removing any subconscious blocks that might be preventing you from actually achieving the change in your life that you are seeking. From limiting beliefs, to co-dependencies, to emotional habits - we will work through all the neurological levels and communicate your need for change to your subconscious, your Soul.

The uniqueness and effectiveness of this work, even in a group session, is that we will use the techniques that bypass the cognitive mind ( which often is the biggest supporter of our inner resistance) and will work on the levels of feelings, emotions and subconscious symbology.

You can always see available courses on my Resources page. For easy access right now, below is the link to a class calendar that allows you to sign up.

Looking forward to sharing this class with you!

Much love,

Mariya Garnet

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