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From Surviving to Thriving! The map to awakening.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

They say that if you put both black and red ants in a jar, nothing happens until you shake the jar and, all of a sudden, the black ants start biting the red ones and vice versa. However, neither of the ants began the attack originally. They are not enemies.

The world right now feels like such a jar. We see enemies where there are none and we don't pay attention to the jar and why it's shaking.

We have been shaken and the feeling of conflict and powerlessness surrounds us and affects every aspect of our lives - work, family, love. There is division between families and friends. Through isolation, our communities have shrunk and our mental health has suffered. How can we continue not just surviving, but thriving in such conditions? How can we take this opportunity to massively awaken instead of becoming locked down in a state of fear and avoidance? And what about going further? Beyond just wellbeing but deeper into our spiritual growth? Below, I would like to share with you a solution as I try to simplify and make accessible the Eight-circuit model of consciousness by T. Leary ( Later expanded by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli) and offer some ideas proposed by S.V. Kovalev ( the creator of Integral Neuroprogramming and one of my teachers).

​​​​​​​An eight - circuit model of consciousness.

Human development is divided into two types: external and internal.

Social adaptation development, or external development, includes four generalized levels or, in other words, the stages of life: adaptation, socialization, existentialization and transpersonalization.

Which is briefly reduced to:​​​​​​​

- the acquisition of the necessary safety as a result of adaptation;

- obtaining, in the course of socialization, recognition by others and the respect and self-esteem associated with it;

- self-actualization and service (as well as the acquisition of the meaning of life), which are the essence of the process of existentialization;

- transpersonalization, carried out in the course of comprehending a possible transcendence in time and space.

During the course of our lives, we also develop our consciousness. And here I want to discuss the much less known and not yet fully appreciated, yet fascinating model proposed by T. Leary.

"The eight-circuit model of consciousness is a hypothesis by Timothy Leary, later expanded on by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli, that suggests "eight periods [circuits] and twenty-four stages of neurological evolution". The eight circuits, or eight systems or "brains", as referred by other authors, operate within the human nervous system.

Each corresponds to its own imprint and subjective experience of reality.Leary and Alli include three stages for each circuit that details developmental points for each level of consciousness.” (Wikipedia link) According to this concept, any (any!) person has in his unconscious eight sequentially switched systems (circuits). Four of which - bio-survival, domination, neurosemantic and socio-sex-moral - are available to everyone and, to one degree or another, are mastered by each of us.

And four more - neurosomatic, metaprogramming, neurogenetic and nonlocal-quantum - are in a kind of "sleeping mode", and wake up only either in emergency cases, or as a result of their conscious mastering and development.*

*For detailed explanation of each circuit, please see the diagram designed by me.

From Surviving to Thriving.

When you begin your journey towards inner growth, the first steps, that will create the fundamental wellbeing of your life, will be related to socialization, the external development and activation ( or cleansing) of the first 4 circuits as I outlined in the diagram above. Doing kundalini yoga, practicing tantra or drinking plant medicine will not do much if you haven't yet reached the feeling of safety within yourself and this world, achieved recognition and self-respect that satisfies you, entered into service to something more important than yourself. In fact, often the above-mentioned practices will lead to spiritual bypassing as they are meant for activation of higher circuits of consciousness, which can lead to aggravated mental health if practiced without activating the four basic circuits first.

I advise anyone who begins a spiritual journey to first address their personal history, remove co-dependencies, look into limiting beliefs, change self-paradigms and arrive at a deeper understanding of their role in this world and the meaning of their life's mission. This can be done through a number of effective psychotherapies or with me in my personal practice of Neuro Shamanic Blueprint. In 100% of cases, bringing tangible changes in the first four circuits of consciousness will result in drastic life changes, increased comfort zone and independence from others. This is the moment where you can transition from surviving in a hostile world to being able to feel free and capable of truly living.

From Existence to Transcendence

The objective of this article is to help you get oriented on your journey to wellbeing and is mostly focusing on changes in the first four circuits, necessary for thriving in the modern day world . However, I want to finish the explanation of the Eight-Circuit model of consciousness and show to you what happens when you wake up the other "sleeping" circuits. As demonstrated in the above diagram.

How do we do that? Again, sometimes those circuits are woken up spontaneously ( like spontaneous kundalini awakening). T. Leary , as the lover of psychedelic experiences, also attributed different substances and dosages to each of the circuit. When explored further, you will see that this concept is inspired and informed by the deep philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and others.

If you feel called, you will learn a great deal from the world's religious, mystical and ceremonial traditions, which are beyond the scope of this newsletter. If you would like to explore my one-on-one work, feel free to click the button in the head meany and schedule a free Zoom call with me to see if we are a good fit for each other. Mariya Garnet Neuro-Shamanic Blueprint Plant Spirit Shamanism

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