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Cleansing the Body of Pain. Letting go of painful emotions stored in the body.

It has been a long time that we we are living in an altered state emotionally, spiritually and physically due to the covid pandemic. Especially, if you are in a city like Toronto that has been locked down numerous times, it is very taxing on your nervous system. Some of us cope better than others, some have more resilience, some have bigger feelings...But no matter how we manage ourselves during these times, it cannot be ignored that the impact has been, is, and will be substantial. Every psychological trauma reflects in our body and if we don’t deal with psyche we will end up with sick body. Also, when we push ourselves beyond our limits, we ignore more subtle messages from our soul and only hear it when our body starts screaming at us. There are three sensations nobody wants to feel in their body: heaviness, cold or pain. If you are feeling it, it means the emotional load has descended into the body. What does it feel like? Heaviness in your chest, jitters, shakes all over your body, cold in your stomach, knots in your belly, weight on your shoulders, stiffness in your limbs..... On average, it takes 6 months of persistent emotion to start consistently showing up in your body. And since this pandemic has been going on for much longer than 6 months, I am sure that there are plenty of physical sensations that it has brought into your life. The physical frontier is also the first one we need to cross if we are going to be working on any other kind of change in your life. It's hard to dive deep and do more meaningful work if even your body is affected by your emotions. Also, letting go of this Body of Pain is the first step in cleansing our bio-survival circuit and starting to ascend in consciousness. The Pain Body is usually understood as the energy field of experienced but not released suffering, living in our own body. The five “lowest” levels of consciousness (and states) according to D. Hawkins: Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief and Fear. In order to start experiencing shifts in your life, you first need to get rid of these "troubles" either completely (and forever) or at least do a periodic cleanse.

So today I want to offer you a very versatile technique for moving these sensations and emotions out of your body. You can use it as many times per day/week/month as you need to. It is also a great technique to use in any kind of healing or ceremony. Note, that using this technique allows you not only let go of negative emotions, but also fill up on the positive ones. Please note that I have begun a Resource page on my website and this is the technique I posted on there in the video called "Working through emotions in your body". For best results, you can follow written instructions posted below and listen to the video. You can also look at 4 Neurological Codes video to understand better the work I am doing.

Circles of Giving and Receiving (Neuro Shamanic Blueprint)

Get comfortable, giving yourself some space to move around as you will be standing and walking


Scan your body for any sensation of heaviness, cold, pain. Decide what exactly you want to remove from your body (anxiety, sadness etc.) Or recall a vivid case of feeling Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Guilt or Fear. Then mentally step into that feeling, feeling where in your body that feeling is generally located.

Envision ( or imagine) it in your body and determine its:







Put your left hand on that body part, get up from your chair and stand up, look around you on a floor where there is a place that will help you to get rid of this feeling.


When you find that spot on the floor, come closer to it and see a circle, Circle of Receiving

  • Is it circle or ellipse?

  • What size is it?

  • Is it concave or convex?

  • Colour/matte or satin?

Sit next to it and touch it.

  • Is its surface smooth or texturized?

  • Cold or warm?


Ask your subconscious if this is the circle that will help you to remove the object ( if the answer is no, look for new circle).

Ask your subconsiousnes to let you know when it is ready to let go of the object and to give you a sign when the circle is ready to receive.


When you receive a sign that the circle is ready, stand in it. See how the sensation, the object, the feeling is melting off you into the circle from the top to the bottom, or maybe evaporates in a form of gas, or falls off you in its solid form and melts in the circle of receiving.

See some sort of display – like a scale, or meter and see how the numbers go down indicating the progress.

Ask yourself to what percentage you got rid of the issue, if not 100% continue working with this same circle or make a new one.


After you are done with this feeling. Step out of the circle and compress it in a little ball. Put it in front of you in extended hands. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have such a useful tool to take care of unwanted intrusions. Where would you put it in your body?


Now you have all that space, what would like instead of what you just gave away?

Follow the same principle as in circle of receiving.


Create circle of giving, step into it (up to an ankle, lets say) and start filling up with the new sensation, faith that all will be well


At the end evaluate your work and continue with this or another circle. Take this one with you as well.

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