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Tangible results of "changing your mind" about something. Overcoming resistance to "sale".

Today, I want to share a story of a real client session I just had and also offer you very simple techniques we implemented during the Neuro Shamanic Blueprint Session, the techniques that you can also use during your experience with entheogens, maximizing the efficacy of both ( the entheogen's and the technique's).

Background: Dan is talented artist, musician. During his first module of work with me we worked through his emotional states of maladaptation to the world, addressed his relationship goals and generally cleaned up his past. This year Dan came back to me with a very tangible request - to be able to make a living from and "sell" his music.

As many creatives, Dan felt aversion to any sort of marketing, networking, sales...As a unique master of his craft, with a challenging life story, he felt that he couldn't be himself, connect to others and sell his music without "selling out".

I built his module from the top Idea level down to the Mass, since we really are manifesting his new life from his mind and into physical reality (Read this article about General Manifestation Plan to understand which levels Im referring to).

Today, we worked in the Field of Consciousness level - addressing paradigms and beliefs. The aversion Dan felt to "music business" was so tangible that even some words were triggering to him. I asked him to make a list of words that irk him the most. We began by working with "Marketing", "Niche Market" and "Sales". ( Full exercise with steps is written out in the end of this article)

I asked him to close his eyes and imagine word Marketing written in front of him and describe it using Four Neurlogical Codes . He saw the word right in front of him written in flashing pink neon letters. Just seeing the letters made him twinge.

I asked Dan to tell me what Marketing means to him, the negative meanings he was giving to the word. False Appearance, Lying, Exposing himself and being Vulnerable in Public. Definitely, if this what Marketing means to you, you are not going to willingly engage in it.

We started a discussion about what Marketing should mean to Dan in order to be pleasant. What is really standing behind Marketing. The insight that came to Dan was that marketing should really be about connecting with people who can be inspired by his true personality, who can understand and relate to his honest story.

I asked him to close his eyes and envision words Connection and My Tribe written somewhere in some specific manner. He saw them as if written on a custom car license plate. Next, I asked him to imagine word Marketing written in the same way - on a metal license plate.

The emotional and intellectual insights happened instantaneously and Dan could feel how marketing can be done with no lying or false appearances involved, how opening up and being vulnerable within your own tribe is no longer scary but empowering.

I invited him to integrate that metal plate with the word Marketing somewhere in his body.

Similar process was done with Niche Market and Dan having an insight that Niche Market is related to his own uniqueness, his personal story, that it's something that makes him who he is. And that through marketing he can connect to his niche market - actually the ones who share similar story/interests/difficulties/challenges.

Sales was something that was bringing up in Dan phrases like "Selling out" , "Unauthentic", people pleasing, focusing on what others want in order to produce results ($$$). The word itself appeared to him as a blue neon sign, underlined by two lines (Doubly Important!!).

Through the process of self-inquiry, Dan came to realize that Selling was a process of communicating the value of his work, through marketing, to his target niche. Meaning, looking for ways to connect to his tribe, to others like him, in order to share his work so it can be transformational to the ones who need it.


Isn't it what all the creatives/artists/healers want? To do what we love and to have a community of people who benefit from this connection, while sharing similar worldview and the system of values and beliefs.

In that way, my honest desire is to teach others, who work with entheogens in a sacred ceremonial way, to transform their reality by befriending their subconsciousness and learning to to use it for continuous growth, effectiveness and life full of meaning and joy.


Now, I wish I could tell you right now that Dan went out to make millions and sell platinum albums. Unfortunately, I cant, since the session literally happened this morning. But I believe that it's very obvious what such a huge paradigm shift can result in.

Also, if Dan wanted to repeat the same exercise in ceremony, he could easily do so, now that he has all the information that he needs to input ( 2nd time now) into his subconscious. Below are the steps that he, or you, could follow to change negative meanings of specific words.

Because, as you see, having an emotional or intellectual insight is just the first step of the process. The step that alone can be extremely valuable and life changing. Yet, when we work in the domain of beliefs and paradigms, we are not on the cognitive ground. The beliefs, unconscious patterns are not created by thinking and they cant be changed by simply thinking our way out. This is where Neuro Shamanic Blueprint, that utilizes principles of Integral Neuroprogramming, really shines by ability to deliver that intellectual or emotioanl information to our Subconscious, using its own system of communication. ( Four neurological codes)

Changing Negative Meanings ( Based on work of S.V. Kovalev, Integral Neuroprogramming)

1) Define words that have negative meaning

2) Project them in front of you, written in a particular manner

3) Find new, positive meaning and write those positive words out in front of you.

4) Re-write the original word in a new positive manner

5) Bring it physically somewhere in your body.

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