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"Everybody dies, but not everybody lives." 

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Effectiveness. Integrity. Experience.

These are the guiding principles, or my motto, for one on one coaching I do in Neuro Shamanic Blueprint.

I promise to effectively help you move onto a next level of living happily and full of meaning. I will be direct, honest and will work with you, and for you, to step into your power.

All my experience of doing deep healing work with thousands of people since 2008 will be at your disposal when you choose to walk this path with me.

What would you like your life story to become?

What is Neuro Shamanic Blueprint?

Neuro Shamanic Blueprint (NSB for short) is a combination of my best shamanic practices, acquired throughout years of working with thousands of people and integral neuroprogramming - a type of psychotherapy developed by S.V. Kovalev.

Through the combination of these techniques, I help you to communicate with your subconscious mind, your Higher Self, in its own language of symbols, projections, metaphors and meanings.

By engaging all neurological levels (spacial projections, psychosomatics, psychosemantics  and others) I will help you to re-pattern your own mind and change behaviours and beliefs on a subconscious level. You can increase your overall life vitality and begin to  live life on your own terms.


How would we work?

This is a one-on-one work that can be done via Zoom or in person, if desired.

Its short term coaching,  usually beginning with an evaluation of your current vs. desired state, reflection on all social spheres of life and forming a List of Alternatives (list of your goals).

After that, I will design your individual plan, usually consisting of 9-12 sessions of 1.5 hours that will bring you a clear blueprint of your life going forward and confidence in your abilities to reach your goals.

We will work through the Golden Ladder of all neurological levels and eliminate any instability in your belief system, images of self, values, and intentions. Finishing with very simple, but oh so difficult at the same time, realization of the meaning of Life and your place in it.

After the first basic module described above, we can continue individual sessions whenever the need arises or if you desire to go deeper into the mastery of your Spirit.


Who Neuro Shamanic Blueprint is for? 

You know the feeling when you are in the flow? When events align as if by magic and you can achieve tasks previously thought of as impossible?

If you have lost that feeling and long for it, then this work is for you.

Do you have a feeling your life is passing you by? Need help discovering your True North? Or resolving sabotaging behaviour and self limiting beliefs? Finding connection to inner resources and connection to the Higher Source of Divine Energy?

If you understand that the only thing you can change is your own perception and you need an effective way of doing so, then we can work together.

Do you enjoy learning, growing and believe that self-work can be fun and interesting and effective?

So do I!


What Neuro Shamanic Blueprint is Not?

It's not hypnosis.

You will need to do a lot of emotional work. Naming your emotions, identifying limiting beliefs, envisioning goals and entering into new inner agreements.

It's not spiritual bypassing and false positivity.

You will do a lot shadow work and assume responsibility for your own life instead of blaming your parents, partners and circumstances.

It's not psychoanalysis.


We will not spend hours analyzing what went wrong and why. I work not with a problem, but with a whole person. We don't analyze but treat. Psychoanalysis and NSB are both great and valuable tools, but they are different.

It's not "New Age fluff".


While we can use various Shamanic techniques (especially for in person and group sessions) they are used for specific reasons, such as inducing trance state, to allow our subconscious to do the work unobstructed.

I will not use sage to wipe clean your problems or tell you that "all answers are inside of you".

I will challenge you with questions and will actually teach how it is that you can find those answers within yourself.

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Mariya really knows what she is doing, she is honest, experienced and can create a real impact in the lives of her clients. I resonate with who she is as a person, very direct, communicates very clearly, gets straight to the point.

I was feeling very stuck in life, unsure of what my next move could be. Feeling very uncertain and frustrated with my romantic life, living situation an also my overall state of feeling stagnant and not moving forward due to a lack of clarity and confusion. 

After working with Mariya, I shifted my perspective of where I wanted to live, relieved all the blocking thoughts that were not allowing me to take a decision.


Now I have my home and it is everything I could have ever wanted. I am also now grounded, and my perspective has shifted in the area of love, and now I am exploring a new intimate relationship with someone. I also feel like I am much more clear on the basis of my overall purpose and mission. I feel more connected to myself and feel a deeper understanding of how to trust my intuition and get direct insight from my subconscious.


I was going through a really rough patch in my life having lost two jobs due to covid-19 as well as a really difficult break-up.

The immediacy of the results is what surprised me the most. I felt some major energetic shifts immediately following our sessions together. There were a few sessions in particular that we set out to fix a specific problem and by the end of the session the problem had seemingly vanished for good.


I’ve been able to come up with a solid set of values and a new set belief systems that will no doubt enhance the way that I live my life in all areas. I’ve been feeling better about myself as well as the way in which I show up in my life each day. My mind is much calmer and I have more focus these days. I have a set of goals that I can work towards now with much more clarity and ease.

Mariya’s integrity and diligence are second to none. I highly value her approach to Shamanic work and would recommend her to anyone as they would be in the safest of hands.



I’ve long struggled with issues of self-confidence. Recently, I experienced a very intense period of mental illness in which I had great difficulty functioning due to PTSD and anxiety and subsequent depression brought about by prolonged harassment, psychological abuse, slander, and gaslighting.


Having tried so many ways of healing and having developed a great deal of self-awareness, I would say this work allowed me to make a more profound change than anything I have ever encountered.

This is coming from a place of a fairly deep self-knowledge and cumulative work. That previous and continued work was and is important, but it now feels so much more effective and consistent. I feel whole, I know I can trust and heal my subconscious and that that has had an immediate and deep effect on my state of being and self-belief.

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