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As a neuro shamanic coach, I help people become the authors of their own life stories.

My passion for the subconscious mind led me to spend eight years living in the Peruvian Amazon and learning from indigenous healers. During this time, I observed how shamanic ceremonies involving psychedelic medicine ayahuasca could help people to rewrite their past and rebrand their early sense of self.

Using my experience, I have developed a highly structured framework combining integral neuroprogramming and shamanic practices, called Neuro Shamanic Blueprint, which helps people to befriend their subconscious and systematically transform their life story.

Through my coaching methods, I use a sequence of neurological levels to create a roadmap through any change, transformation, or manifestation that clients want to bring in from the level of an idea into mass physical reality. By decoding their current reality, my clients can fix existing problems, change what needs to be changed and reach desired goals. With my coaching, clients can access their extremely powerful mechanism, communicate with their subconscious, and discover that they are the medicine.

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