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The Realm of Subconscious has become my home.


I have been walking the Healer's Path since 2008, exploring different tools from formal psychology to psychedelic medicines, teacher plants, traditional Siberian and Amazonian shamanism, sound healing and more. 

Since the dawn of ages the shamans found ways to speak to our Subconscious, our Higher Self, through its language of symbols, projections, metaphors and rituals.


I have always been fascinated by these ancient psychotechnologies that only now are being understood by neuroscientists - how sound affects our wellbeing, how psychedelic and trance states facilitate access to our subconscious, how we can continuously grow by developing new connections in our brain. 

I combine all of my shamanic training and experience with recent developments in integral neuroprogramming to help people to start living life on their own terms. 

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