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Therapy is a deeply spiritual journey towards a connected, present human experience. My body-mind approach addresses trauma beyond words and analytical thinking, supporting those committed to personal growth and transformation.

Since 2009, I've focused on:

  • Persistent anxiety and hyper-vigilance, feeling constantly on edge

  • Chronic physical pain or tension without clear medical cause

  • Low self-esteem and negative self-talk, often accompanied by feelings of shame or unworthiness

  • Difficulty forming or maintaining close relationships, often due to trust issues or fear of vulnerability

  • Emotional numbness or disconnection, struggling to identify or express feelings

  • Recurring patterns of self-sabotage or difficulty following through on personal goals

Through integrative practices blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques, we explore your inner landscape and life story to bring more fullfilling relationships with yourself, the others and the world.

Connecting Hearts and Minds Across Eras:
Where Ancient Practices Meet Contemporary Needs.

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