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Moving Beyond Introduction with Entheogens.

I recently received an email from a friend who used to frequent plant spirit ceremonies. The person made a comment that the "effect of the medicine" has begun wearing off sooner and sooner with each event. This email prompted me to write this article that I've been meaning to write for a long while, to help people use entheogens and psychedelic medicines as a therapy tool for continuous, non stop personal growth and transformation.

When I used to operate my Ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon from 2012 till 2017, we welcomed about 6-9 people each week for a transformational work in ceremony and in shamanic dieta, so I got to witness and participate in very many beginnings of this journey for others. One of the more difficult aspects of running retreats for me was the inability to follow people on their further journey. It is true that often people would return year after year, but the majority of people were never seen by me again.

When we first encounter the psychedelic space, the realization of Unity and Connectedness of all Life in the Universe, the ability to almost touch this web of intergalactic information, is transformative in itself. Just one experience can be enough to motivate someone to start taking better care of themselves, our Earth in general, to pay more attention to their thought patterns and the power our beliefs have on us.

But you can't get far by walking through the same door over and over, merry-go-round trips don't take you very far, the novelty wears off.

Often, intuitively, we can learn how to use the entheogens for continuing learning and growth. More and more people now can guide and teach others how to make these medicines a truly brilliant therapeutic tool. This is what I have dedicate my personal practice to now - teaching others how to access their consciousness on a pre-cognitive level to facilitate transformation. My one-on-one practice is a form of coaching and does now include ingestion of any substance, but the techniques and practices can be applied during my client's personal journeys and are very well suited for people who understand the language of the subconsciousness (people who use entheogens).

I talk and write a lot about Well Formulated Intention as a necessary part of preparation to any psychedelic experience and a way to avoid Spiritual Bypassing. So I'm going to skip this part today :) What I want to share with you now, is the General Manifestation ( Transformation) Plan, developed by S.V. Kovalev ( Russian psychologist and creator of Integral Neuroprogramming therapeutic modality), whose student I have been for years now.

There is a general sequence of steps that is taken by any Idea that needs to be Manifested in Mass ( reality). Your intention becomes that desired goal - The Desired Life, The Desired You that you wish to manifest.

Every idea needs to be brought into a Field of Consciousness where it becomes a possibility, moved into Vacuum - an alchemically magical state from which everything is born. It needs Time, Energy and Space to be finally born in Mass.

This Golden Staircase of Neurological levels can be interpreted in very tangible aspects of our psyche, behaviours and aspects of life ( Think Energy -> Money; Field of Consciousness -> Belief System). See below illustration for full explanation of each level.

During our healing process we can walk up and down that sequence. Usually, when I begin to work with a new patient, we move from Mass to Idea, because its impossible to form a new ecological (meaning good for you and others) and effective Idea without clearing up the foundation that is built on old way of thinking.

However, sometimes, let's say when a person wants to create a new business, we go from the Idea into manifestation in Mass.

It's impossible to fully explain this methodology in one article, but I wanted to offer you this sequence as a way of structuring your work with entheogens. You can dedicate each ceremony, or healing experience, to each step of this ladder that will help you to come closer and close to your original intention.

As you bring these questions into your practice, you can learn how you can start getting very concrete information from your subconsciousness with the help of the entheogens, thus learning how to go beyond the primary Awe and Wonder before the fact that we are All One.

You can also gather from this article, that this transformational process doesn't even require the help of any substance. YOU ARE THE MEDICINE!

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