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Welcome! My name is Mariya Garnet and I am an Artist, Coach and a Facilitator. My passions are the understanding of human subconscious and imagination, and learning to live and enjoy this human experience through art, play, indigenous knowledge and safe, therapeutic relationships.

As a coach, I help people become the authors of their own life stories.

Currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Expressive Arts Psychotherapy at the CREATE Institute (Toronto), I also hold a Diploma in Integral Neuroprogramming, a form of applied psychotherapy, from the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnologies (Russia) and Advanced Diploma in Media Arts from Sheridan Institute of Technology ( Canada).

My life's journey led me to spend eight years living in the Peruvian Amazon and learning indigenous ways of caring for mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Since 2009, I have been in an ongoing apprenticeship with my teachers Enrrique Paredes and Reyna Edery, learning how to use plants to help others.

Using my experience, I have developed a highly structured framework combining  expressive arts therapy, integral neuroprogramming and  indigenous ways of mental healthcare, which helps people to craft their own life's narrative.

 construct a roadmap for change, empowering clients to understand and communicate with their psyche, ultimately discovering a true ally within their subconscious.

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