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Healing in Community

Expressive Arts Group Therapy*

This online therapy group invites 8 individuals to engage in 8 ор 10 group sessions, 2 hours each, and 2 private 60 min. intake and exit sessions.

The primary aim is to establish a vital community space fostering connection, imagination, and healing by rekindling emotions, values, and dreams. Participants will collectively delve into diverse themes ranging from grief to joy, neglect to emotional safety, seeking healing through artistic expression.

The sessions welcome everyone, regardless of prior art experience, tapping into the inherent creativity within. Minimal and easily accessible art supplies may be necessary.

* This Group Therapy is part of practicum for Mariya and Lisa as part of their graduation requirements at The Create Institute

Meet the Facilitators


Lisa Cipparone
Expressive Arts Therapist (in training)

Lisa is an Expressive Arts Student Therapist and a Nervous System RESET Practitioner. She has taught yoga, somatic movement and has offered energy healing for the past 23 years. She is trained in a vast and diverse range modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to her private sessions, group facilitation, workshops, and training. She is the former owner of The Rejuvenation Room in Toronto, a holistic healing centre and Lila Wisdom Yoga School. Lisa is a skilled, and empathetic guide and offers a holistic, wholesome and compassionate approach to care. 

Currently Lisa is enrolled at The CREATE Institute in Toronto in a post-graduate program studying Expressive Arts Therapy to deepen her knowledge. Not only is Lisa an avid learner, but she is also always evolving and deepening her skill set to support her clients and her own self development.


Mariya Garnet
Expressive Arts Therapist (in training)

Mariya Garnet is a multifaceted artist, coach, and facilitator with a rich background that encompasses a diverse range of disciplines.

Her journey began with musical education, leading to an advanced diploma in Media Arts, with a focus on filmmaking, from Sheridan College. She has also immersed herself in the indigenous ways of addressing mental and spiritual health, particularly within the Amazonian Vegetalismo tradition, and holds a diploma in practical psychology from the Institute of Advanced Psychotechnologies in Russia, specializing in integral neuroprogramming.

Currently, Mariya is a postgraduate student at the CREATE Institute in Toronto, where she is deepening her knowledge in the Expressive Arts Therapy program. Additionally, she is an active member of the sound healing duo, Project Mariri. Mariya regularly hosts community events and workshops, leveraging music as a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.


Mariya's approach is uniquely holistic, blending her passion for the human subconscious with creative expression. She aims to enrich the human experience through art, play, indigenous wisdom, and a deep connection to nature, bringing a wealth of skills and insights to her practice.

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